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Currently we provide 36,868 tactical chess problems ranging in difficulty from trivial to ambitious. Your tactical performance will be measured by the Glicko rating system wich takes into account both the difficulty of each problem and the time you take to solve it.

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 Guía de utilización en Español by GM ICCF Roberto Alvarez

This is a non-commercial service created and supported by chess enthusiasts from our chess club in Berlin, Germany. It is still under construction. Everyone is invited to participate in its development. Please don't use your skills to attack this server, but to detect and remove possible exploits.


Top 10 active tacticians
Gold MedalErlendm54390 Norway 2328
Silver Medalmorpy132772 Spain 2290
Bronze Medalfastkicker11823 France 2267
4mjehehe1362 Cambodia 2176
5pannkaka5258 Sweden 2146
6byakuugan137117 United States 2135
7Asterix14215 Norway 2121
8bogdanovich2014 Romania 2053
9Improchess63186 Spain 2051
10aryantari11384 Norway 2031

15 actions this minute
TacticianCountryRatingProblemRatingTime [s]
fredinred Norway 1814p31738 17055.2
kacnapob Canada 1521p56426 1648
hanleychess United Nations 1165p10578 117811.4
schubert United Nations 1314p04690 14045.7
e4e5f4 Germany 1451p20200 15016.1
fredinred Norway 1808p07863 17254.2
fredinred Norway 1804p09350 16574.9
e4e5f4 Germany 1450p58526 13946.1
kacnapob Canada 1522p60287 151329.0
hanleychess United Nations 1163p53902 14058.6
schubert United Nations 1313p28488 12365.6
pseudocode United States 1123p26827 1338
e4e5f4 Germany 1451p37469 139216.4
fredinred Norway 1803p59492 15985.6
schubert United Nations 1313p27753 11836.5

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