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2017, Oct 29 dktransform
76,767 hard to go on. dont want to ruin aesthetics, at least, for the moment....
2017, Oct 21 dktransform
finally. a long slog. RD at 18.8, 91.0%. last 3f/207 = 210 @ 98.6%. since start back from stone cold start, approx last 670 @ 96%.
2017, Oct 21 dktransform
when disaster strikes.... just now, 0f/62s= 62t @ 100.0% then got ONE wrong. ruined my session.
2017, Oct 20 dktransform
last day or two, was 162s/2f=164t @ 98.78% going into today. when you got to play blitz after a couple of days like this, you can really fly! its like a 150 elo elevation, see it all!
2017, Oct 20 dktransform
fastDtransform 1600, 61s/3f/64t = 95.3%, dkTransform =>1400 at 97 to 100% accuracy + fatigue & rust.
2017, Oct 08 dktransform
hello. life adventures. back to chess after two years away, need it!
2017, Sep 14 tohbumoo
Since the previous message got out of the queue let me repeat. All the problems can be downloaded at!NUZSVBZS!VyvT5UzthSkprTQtu6q1UH_6ajo8 dflNG6LLE5jA8gY (, 606 KB). It is a zipped PGN sorted by rating, where event "0708 49919" means rating 708 and identifier is 49919. The end of FEN (castling, etc.) and the game result are fake, but SCID does not care (45 out of 17840 problems are broken due to en passant). On Android there is an open source "Scid on the go". It has training mode that can be configured for CTS problems: show board from the side that does the second move; autoplay that waits 6 seconds; mark the game if you made a wrong move. It is on mega for now, but let us hope that operator will eventually host the corrected up-to-date PGN file on CTS itself.
2017, Sep 12 tohbumoo
Since the previous message got out of the queue let me repeat. All the problems can be downloaded at!U9cSBS5b!VyvT5UzthSkprTQtu6q1UH_6a jo8dflNG6LLE5jA8gY (, 606 KB). It is a zipped PGN sorted by rating, where event "0708 49919" means rating 708 and identifier is 49919. The end of FEN (castling, etc.) and the game result are fake, but SCID does not care (45 out of 17840 problems are broken due to en passant). On Android there is an open source "Scid on the go". It has training mode that can be configured for CTS problems: show board from the side that does the second move; autoplay that waits 6 seconds; mark the game if you made a wrong move. It is on mega for now, but let us hope that operator will eventually host the corrected up-to-date PGN file on CTS itself.
2017, Sep 11 UriBlass
I wonder if other people also find it strange that there are so many users with rating 2000 or slightly above 2000 from united nations and number of tries lower than 100. Here is a copy of the rating list places 23-25 27-28,32,34-35,37,39 41-45 are from the united nations and all of them has 52 tries or less than it. 23 beaundle United Nations 2008 81 2008 33 94% Sep 08 - 23:00 24 ranken United Nations 2007 92 2007 34 97% Sep 03 - 07:14 25 abled United Nations 2006 82 2040 36 92% Sep 05 - 20:51 26 gloomy86den United States 2006 79 2060 26,322 86% Aug 31 - 01:57 27 pennedone United Nations 2005 98 2018 31 87% Sep 10 - 09:42 28 slake5 United Nations 2005 93 2005 38 82% Sep 06 - 08:02 29 darted Philippines 2004 82 2080 69 91% Aug 29 - 06:46 30 treescape Philippines 2004 98 2024 175 83% Aug 29 - 12:40 31 keds Philippines 2003 96 2042 114 80% Sep 05 - 21:01 32 shuritea United Nations 2003 83 2039 37 97% Sep 08 - 21:54 33 lattes4 Philippines 2003 77 2003 70 93% Sep 01 - 18:16 34 dection United Nations 2003 92 2013 36 94% Sep 02 - 21:44 35 jean11 United Nations 2003 76 2003 45 84% Sep 07 - 15:15 36 kaked Philippines 2003 99 2085 41 95% Sep 05 - 20:56 37 theater3 United Nations 2002 100 2002 41 88% Sep 10 - 09:36 38 AVikAdoAlle Sweden 2002 81 2046 9,788 85% Aug 25 - 10:50 39 uread2 United Nations 2002 91 2002 42 86% Sep 07 - 16:37 40 central1 Philippines 2002 94 2072 114 92% Sep 08 - 21:46 41 jansen United Nations 2001 87 2065 48 92% Sep 01 - 14:21 42 basen United Nations 2001 96 2001 37 97% Aug 22 - 12:11 43 bleake United Nations 2000 96 2000 47 94% Aug 19 - 20:15 44 easier United Nations 2000 70 2001 52 94% Sep 09 - 04:30 45 klicked United Nations 2000 99 2000 21 95% Sep 03 - 11:59 46 stocker86 United Nations 2000 89 2000 26 92% Sep 05 - 22:43 47 UriBlass Israel 1992 31 2051 164,650 94% Sep 11 - 09:44
2017, Sep 09 Bisonratte
This is what ive done this saturday morning: ive logged in as a guest with standard 1500 rating and had chosen level 1700 for half an hour. I tried to be as fast as i could! I really wanted to focus on speed rather than accuracy. When i had no clue, i made a nonsense move, or a move with some chance. I finished after 125 tries, and solved 44 of them, which is about 35%. One try I solved in 15 seconds, the rest mostly i solved in about 5 seconds. My rating after this expierence was 1538.5. So, if you want to boost your rating, just push as fast as you can and dont calculate (too much) - it infects your rating. Now you can debate if this is good for your chess, i doubt that, but maybe if gives you an idea, how RD works at CTS. Its all about pattern recognition. If you can remember a pattern, thats fine - if not, no problem, may be next time. I know, all you veterans know this stuff, but for newbies it may be interesting to "solve" tactics in this way.
2017, Sep 06 floreatdunum
Is there a way to delete the account one has here?
2017, Sep 02 chessisajedrez
Apologies, CTS truncated the message from the - less than - character forward...
2017, Sep 02 chessisajedrez
@JNBrow, agree 100%. I actually advice to keep multiple accounts if necessary. Each account may focus on speed, accuracy, balance speed/accuracy, play basic problems quickly (less than 1,300, etc.), etc. From reading other tacticians notes, I am aware that even rating 100-200 points better than them I may not be a better player in OTB games. CTS is a world on its own. But, IMO, as you say, having a purpose/focus is the most important.
2017, Sep 02 chessisajedrez
@JNBrow, agree 100%. I actually advice to keep multiple accounts if necessary. Each account may focus on speed, accuracy, balance speed/accuracy, play basic problems quickly (
2017, Sep 02 chessisajedrez
@JNBrow, agree 100%. I actually advice to keep multiple account if necessary. Each account may focus on speed, accuracy, balance speed/accuracy, play super basic problems quickly (
2017, Sep 02 chessisajedrez
Greetings to UriBlass. Welcome back.
2017, Aug 30 UriBlass
I mean in 7 excatly the problem that I got more than 5 hours ago that I practically solved correctly and lost points for it 5 hours later because of a bug in the server. I think that the change in my preference that I did not do is a proof that there was a problem in the server at the relevant time.
2017, Aug 30 UriBlass
A wrong failure that I got Here are my last actions that I can see in the server: 2017-08-30 06:39:44 1925 failed to solve p28686 1352 2017-08-30 01:27:53 1925 solved (1.0 secs.) p26313 1368 Facts are: 1)I got problem 28686 immediately after solving correctly 26313 2)I played the move correctly Ng5 and got no response from the server. 3)After some seconds when I got no response I thought maybe I missed a move from black so played the only logical move against null move that it Qxh7 mate and saw some X in the server 4)After seeing the X I could not get back to the server but could connect to other sites so I guess that the problem was in the server. 5)When I tried again to connect 5 hours later I saw that I did not lose rating points and that there was a change in my prefereces to default preference 6)I changed my preference back and clicked start in order to start solving problems 7)I got a failure even without getting the problem and looking at the details I saw that the problem was exactly the problem that I failed.
2017, Aug 25 JNBrow
Hello Everyone! I have been visiting CTS for close to 10 years now. It is great mental exercise. I have some advice, maybe it will help: A. do not worry about the RD or give in to the time pressure. If you were playing a rated tournament game, would you move the same way? I am guessing that you would not. B. do not worry about your rating. You are training here for when it matters most, an important game, match or tournament. C. yes, the Glicko rating system is brutal, but devote your mental energies to each move. You will improve! Regular practice, even a few problems a day, will produce results. Thanks to all the CTS team for the website, good skill to all!
2017, Aug 20 chessisajedrez
I thought @mnarciso was playing under a different flag, not Spain-s. There is a Spanish GM with that name:
2017, Aug 10 chessisajedrez
grom43 posting August 16th 2015-> @Improchess, thank you again for your comments, a real tour de force. I have never seen such careful work posted on CTS message board. I hesitate to comment because everyone should see your work undiluted by another thread or idea. I will comment later. But just one thing: I hope @chessisajedrez never catches me in rating or I will have to quit (this is a joke). :
2017, Aug 06 chessisajedrez
@floreatdunum, I think someone is trolling you. There are now about 100 UN little accounts.
2017, Aug 05 chessisajedrez
Vespesian has played 57,000 problems since May for an average of about 650 problems per day. Spring break?
2017, Aug 05 chessisajedrez
Did not look at the UN & Philippines flags until today. Maybe they are trying to annex CTS...
2017, Aug 01 chessisajedrez
@floreatdunum, LOL. IT happens. Feels like returning to the gym after a couple of months break and lifting about 70 percent my previous best. Of course, the lady who didnt notice me before, noticed me upon my return. The reward of a job well done is more work, or we lose our gains
2017, Jul 30 floreatdunum
@dkt - and of those 600 odd accounts, have you removed all those obviously fake Filippino and United Nations accounts with the same rating of 2000 and the same RD of 95%?
2017, Jul 30 floreatdunum
I think I have finally worked out what I really hate about this system. It is the indignity of suffering the RD massacre, you inevitably face, if you are an irregular user of the system.
2017, Jun 28 dktransform
619 members, trend continues. hello chessisajedrez.
2017, May 18 chessisajedrez
@dktransform, greetings! As much as I want the site to improve I have adjusted my expectations over time. This site may perform perfectly fine with 70 members, the group or club the site was originally made for. It is a fact that the site has outgrown its original purpose. It is a well established internet chess institution. But it is the right of the owners and cost bearers to put it to the use that fits their needs and resources. Coming from Germany, reminds me of the old VW Beetle. Bare-bone functionality that works. For more, we may have to go somewhere else. Regards.
2017, May 18 dktransform
700 active tacticians. lets see if we can ruin this site, and get it to 70! do not communicate with members, do not allow passw resets, improve nothing, let it go down. wonderful. used to be 3,000 active users. 2,300 left. a record.
2017, Apr 27 chessisajedrez
@UnityChess, it is part of the statistical formula and will not change. It mimics facing a good player after a long break from chess. Try playing a longer warm up (non-rated session) before starting the rated session. It is true that you risk to drop many points (inactivity + high RD) but if you practice enough, to the point of feeling you are back at the same playing form as your last session, you may have a chance to jump up in your ratings. Good luck.
2017, Apr 27 UnityChess
I do not like my RD to go high and then loose a lot of rating points.
2017, Apr 27 UnityChess
I really do not like having a RD.
2017, Apr 03 floreatdunum
Great. Just had a problem, which never showed, just docked me points.
2017, Mar 12 Improchess
@chessisajedrez Thank you very much!
2017, Mar 03 Crow
@chessisajedrez, right... it is the security implications of that (and the corresponding error message) that bother me. I sent a message about it to the operator in case they care to fix it.
2017, Mar 03 midn1ght
I'm not so sure about that
2017, Mar 02 chessisajedrez
@Crow, apostrophes do not work in the Message Board text box. The do work fine in the Comments section.
2017, Mar 02 Crow
Can not post. Invalid query. Not escaping user input would be my guess.
2017, Feb 13 chessisajedrez
@Improchess: About Daniel Kahneman & Amos Tversky, and cognitive bias.
2017, Feb 06 evanhao
I like this chess site
2016, Dec 21 keksi
hi, morgen kommt wieder keksi in der arena!nur is er besser!
2016, Nov 04 chessisajedrez
@ElBigodon, sorry, CTS doesnt provide a way to do it.
2016, Nov 03 ElBigodon
How to change my password?
2016, Nov 01 e4e5f4
@Stromer: schon fleißig nach dem Frühstück?
2016, Oct 28 Stromer
hallo d4 :) suche dich nicht... suche das profil von e4..... Lg
2016, Oct 27 d4d5e4
doch nicht etwa mich?
2016, Oct 27 d4d5c4
Wen suchst du Stromer?
2016, Oct 27 e4e5f4
->tacticians->index ...dort findest du jeden Stromer
2016, Oct 26 keksi
mit geht es gut,ganymed..die taktik geht hoch
2016, Oct 26 Stromer
4e wie kommst du auf mein Profil? würde gern mal bei Dir gucken. :)
2016, Oct 26 e4e5f4
@stromer: Heute 16 am Stück richtig gelöst! Ich habe dir zugesehen, es geht bergauf...
2016, Oct 25 e4e5f4
ja Stromer, dich hat der Virus auch erwischt, nächstes Ziel 10.000 Versuche und die 1300 anpeilen...
2016, Oct 25 Stromer
e4 :) fast 2000 Puzzel gemacht :)
2016, Oct 24 chessisajedrez
Greetings to @floreatdunum, who has been MIA. Chess addiction always bring people back.
2016, Oct 22 AoxomoxoA
Hi Keksi, wie gehts
2016, Oct 18 keksi
hi,lets Learning playing chess!
2016, Oct 16 e4e5f4
Walk in freedom and peace DK. Very kind of you to translate these strange symbols for me, is it Sanskrit, the wisdom of eastern religions?
2016, Oct 16 dktransform
e4e5f4, nice to see you! it is so. Om Tat Sat, translated to mean the Supreme Absolute Truth, or more literally all that is, हरिः ओम् तत् सत्.
2016, Oct 15 e4e5f4
...weiter so Stromer, ich wette wenn du über 1000 Versuche gemacht hast bist du auch wieder über 1000 Rating.
2016, Oct 13 e4e5f4
Hello DK, sorry I thought it was a good idea to bring some young guys here on CTS, but they seem to be a little bit loud ;-) ...and they talk in German, not unusual for a chess site founded in Berlin, but maybe some old guys here have to learn a little bit... Ok let´s begin with lesson one: King=Koenig Queen=Dame Bishop=Laeufer Rook=Turm Knight=Springer and Pawn=Bauer
2016, Oct 13 keksi
2016, Oct 13 keksi
Alle sollten bei die sa?ch und die schachkundigen II kommmen!
2016, Oct 13 keksi
2016, Oct 13 keksi
2016, Oct 13 afqt
2016, Oct 13 afqt
Ich kann nicht, ich bin neben dich, und du hast zu mir gesprochen.
2016, Oct 13 keksi
hab ich dir gesprochen?geh wech^^
2016, Oct 13 e4e5f4
Keksi du wirst UriBlass nie überholen...
2016, Oct 13 afqt
oder nicht
2016, Oct 13 keksi
werde aber euch alle uberholen
2016, Oct 13 keksi
hi alle.muss mich verbessern
2016, Oct 13 e4e5f4
wenn du weiterhin 100 Probleme am Tag bearbeitest, wird dein Rating steigen Stromer, deine Erfolgsquote ist jetzt schon höher als die von Keksi...
2016, Oct 12 Stromer
ahhhh jetzt verstehe ich den "chat" hier :) ein freundliches "Hallo" in die Runde :) leider is mein englisch mieser als mein Schach oder ist mein Sch mieser als mein englisch :) ich werde es herausfinden :)
2016, Oct 12 Stromer
hm test test
2016, Oct 12 e4e5f4
Stromer, du kannst auch Probleme gezielt heraussuchen.. Problem p01332 ist das Motiv "Gummizug" so nennt es wenigstens GM Lanka. Der Springer reagiert wie ein Gummizug, hin und zurück und zwei Figuren sind weg...
2016, Oct 12 e4e5f4
...obwohl wir für die größte Sprachgruppe auf Chinesisch umstellen müssten... 今天​天气​很 ​好
2016, Oct 12 e4e5f4
vielleicht kommen mehr Leute an Bo(a)rd, wenn wir die Sprache hier umschalten auf Deutsch, Stromer...
2016, Oct 12 e4e5f4
Hallo Stromer willkommen...Endlich jemand aus Berlin...lach..viel Erfolg beim Training
2016, Sep 14 chessisajedrez
I dont get a strong internet signal while on the train. So, I downloaded an android app named Chess Tactics Pro (1.5.1.), by LR Studios, to get my evening chess fix. LOL, they "borrowed" most (if not all) their puzzles from CTS. The user interface is nice and has a built in engine to try out the problems too.
2016, Sep 08 midn1ght
Hello dk! I think there are not so many "old-timers" left here :) After you do each puzzle several times over the years, there is a diminishing benefit I think. Anyway, I still enjoy it as a diversion (and hopefully some mental sharpening).
2016, Sep 05 dktransform
Hello old friends! Back...
2016, Aug 23 chessisajedrez
Ok, @Urgenz has a 97% accuracy in 164,633 tries. Of course, he has an 1888 rating to go with it. I dont type at a 97% accuracy and use an automatic spelling checker. But I bet I beat him at Pokemon
2016, Aug 14 Improchess
Thank you @chessisajedrez. I certainly appreciate comments from those you mentioned and from yourself. Never mind about my rating, I´ll go down again.
2016, Aug 14 chessisajedrez
Should have mentioned @tomohawk as a contributor but did not see his name listed when I peeked at the list. He has been a top ranked contributor for long time. He has been inactive lately
2016, Aug 09 chessisajedrez
Cheers for @Improchess. A number five ranking with a pretty 2100. Few above 1800 tacticians pause to share their advise with the masses. @grom43 and the somehow retired @Uriblass, that I can recall with easy, are among the few.
2016, Jul 01 BadMamaJama
Yes. Some donations might get some needed updates. There is hope for CTS after all.
2016, Jun 29 dktransform
yes, well said!
2016, Jun 27 BadMamaJama
It seems the site hasn't been improved in years; although you may have some examples of recent improvements. (I've been doing other things to try to improve my chess more lately.) If they had been improving the site, then the player ratings graph would be a great place to start. My guess is it broke because the ISP updated the PHP or graphics plugin version; and the site author didn't. Also, using apostrophes and quotes seems like it'd be easy to fix; and may also have been due to a new version. IMHO, is a reasonable substitute. I just checked, and I hadn't noticed before that it had general tactics training; in addition to tactics by theme (which to me is sorta cheating, since you know in part what to look for). I don't see anything about seeing statistical rankings of other players; although I see you can see their tactics rating by hovering over it. The comments window is also rather small. The site seems improved since I checked it quite some time ago. I may have to try it for a while, as well. (As chess goes, I'm really more of a hobbyist, as I usually just devote small bits of time to it. Still, I'd like to be better.) Too bad. CTS still has plenty of potential, if you ask me, with only modest development. Of course, you guys know as do I, that its still useful as it is. Now, if they'd just make it open source ...
2016, Jun 12 lacivert
A tribute to Korchnoi by GM Larry Christiansen endorsed by ICC. I thought some of you would like it.
2016, Jun 05 chessisajedrez
2015, Dec 13
2016, Jun 05 floreatdunum
@dkt, why should I "believe you" more than myself? Why should I accept your claim to authority on such matters ("i have been here for eleven years. trust me on this."), when I have been on this site as long as you have? Tbh, your post does not say anything more useful than mine did, anyway. It is the usual self aggrandisement.
2016, Jun 04 dktransform
close but not exactly so: THE OWNERS ARE NOT INTERESTED IN INTERACTING ABOUT IMPROVING THIS SITE. there have been improvements (few) and loses (many). i have been here for eleven years. trust me on this.
2016, May 31 floreatdunum
Wilfred Fratacelli (via Facebook): "Add the number and letter on the side so I do not get confused so much on how the pawns are moving!" Various people have requested this since the site started. The owners are not interested in improving the site.
2016, May 31 floreatdunum
Problem p38295 is rubbish. Black is left after two moves with an endgame in which the best move is resignation.
2016, May 26 dktransform
peter at linteo@p..., send you info you requested, ck email, dk
2016, May 21 melih best chesssite on web :)
2016, May 21 melih i make make rating 1700.
2016, May 14 chessisajedrez
@Bisonratte, thanks! I will take a peek at the website you suggest. I believe @striker86 meant a smartphone app. So we can take our addiction everywhere.
2016, May 12 Bisonratte
@ chessisajedrez, there exists another site where people can blitz against the clock, rated by time and accuracy as well: it has other features like endgame training, positional training etc. - and its moderated...

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