Problem Comments
2017-10-19 09:55:46sqipeter1448Problem p28063
1 star because it's aborted before actual 'pointe'.
2017-10-19 01:37:04midn1ght1661Problem p15223
1693.7 - slow but steady :)
2017-10-18 23:58:38azizazadeh1225Problem p28922
I think I calculated all the relevant lines, but simply couldn't evaluate the resulting positions correctly and made the wrong choice (exf5). It's most frustrating when it is your judgement that fails. It makes your guts hurt.
2017-10-18 10:12:55kanister1530Problem p40047
adding a threat (2)
2017-10-18 10:11:49kanister1530Problem p50438
2017-10-18 10:11:25kanister1530Problem p25812
weak back rank (2)
2017-10-18 10:10:06kanister1530Problem p14864
removal of obstacles, fork
2017-10-17 00:56:16midn1ght1661Problem p13950
Or, "snap-forward".
2017-10-17 00:54:03midn1ght1661Problem p32038
@floreatdunum said it best. But GB rates only on difficulty.
2017-10-16 17:23:07midn1ght1661Problem p35313
After Rxc6 dxc6, axb4 wins.
2017-10-15 23:35:29midn1ght1661Problem p12837
I fell for this one in a tournament. And missed it here too :(
2017-10-15 23:31:03midn1ght1661Problem p45005
Seems easy for the rating. I guess @chessisajedrez's move shows why it's higher than expected.
2017-10-15 23:27:22midn1ght1661Problem p16737
Nice standard 3-move attack ("Greek gift"?)
2017-10-14 18:51:33grom431861Problem p58071
Order matters because, primarily, on 1...exd5 2.Qxd5+ wins easily for White.
2017-10-14 18:49:38grom431861Problem p09976
Interesting. One more move (to find 2...Qxe5 in order to save the queen) is better.
2017-10-14 18:41:19grom431861Problem p34615
I remember liking that Qc6 prevents white Re8+. I must have missed that after 1...Qb6 2.Re8+ Rf8+ is check. Crafty so smart.
2017-10-14 18:39:52grom431861Problem p34615
Looked at solution first, then opted for 1...Rg2+ 2.Kh1 Qc6 (same idea, wrong diagonal). Not sure why as White controls f3 and e4.
2017-10-14 18:33:34grom431861Problem p35968
5.Ng4! gives N to save Q (if 5.Ke4 Ne6+ and ...NxQ). Long line to get to the punchline. Also have to decide whether to take a draw (Kg3 instead of Kf5 for rep).
2017-10-14 09:43:16Bisonratte1501Problem p55160
@ jbuss, its an important information, when the problem occures again in a session. it shows the user that they have solved the problem, and very fast. the tactic is easy. any questions from your side ?
2017-10-14 06:53:17jbuss1418Problem p55160
No one cares how long it took you, let's discuss the problem maybe?
2017-10-13 16:43:14colinp1697Problem p58983
Too many trivially winning solutions.
2017-10-13 14:16:38floreatdunum1696Problem p38374
Can't allow Nc5