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Currently we provide 36,869 tactical chess problems ranging in difficulty from trivial to ambitious. Your tactical performance will be measured by the Glicko rating system wich takes into account both the difficulty of each problem and the time you take to solve it.

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This is a non-commercial service created and supported by chess enthusiasts from our chess club in Berlin, Germany. It is still under construction. Everyone is invited to participate in its development. Please don't use your skills to attack this server, but to detect and remove possible exploits.


Top 10 active tacticians
Gold MedalErlendm33128 Norway 2243
Silver Medalfastkicker11445 France 2196
Bronze MedalSergiochess66695 Russian Federation 2158
4morpy107682 Spain 2143
5Faramir (IM)74178 Argentina 2114
6pannkaka5076 Sweden 2110
7byakuugan131448 United States 2104
8stefanp70953 Romania 2067
9tzzzzz2443 Armenia 2029
10Fedex2946 Argentina 2011

33 actions this minute
TacticianCountryRatingProblemRatingTime [s]
chrysomallo United States 1570p10290 16075.8
mgdarma Italy 1358p64646 13004.0
principiante Uruguay 1299p27462 1357
goro100 United States 997p52175 1454
fluffytail United States 1131p11733 1277
binyo1976 Indonesia 1396p08797 14373.2
GMChrysler United Nations 1662p34264 1593
castlerook United States 1513p17390 16236.4
androfont Cuba 1427p05600 1524
Fabeli United Nations 1289p45702 1387
Milacek Czech Republic 1742p29087 16557.1
binyo1976 Indonesia 1396p06718 149051.0
veldmuis Netherlands 1637p14959 16778.1
fluffytail United States 1130p65117 12246.0
Cyrvs Spain 1317p01400 11826.1
chrysomallo United States 1569p03248 14962.9
androfont Cuba 1425p07687 13462.8
mgdarma Italy 1381p23200 1277
castlerook United States 1511p17873 160812.7
clemensrw Germany 1674p08809 1621
Fabeli United Nations 1288p29456 12806.8
goro100 United States 996p34378 12688.8
principiante Uruguay 1298p13320 11403.3
Milacek Czech Republic 1743p50647 16268.4
Cyrvs Spain 1322p41956 117022.3
blackk Philippines 1638p51964 151326.2
veldmuis Netherlands 1635p20618 15124.9
clemensrw Germany 1668p64987 16133.3
fluffytail United States 1131p09606 1392
Fabeli United Nations 1288p37435 11063.7
goro100 United States 996p41536 109013.5
androfont Cuba 1424p19154 13822.8
GMChrysler United Nations 1661p17845 15766.1

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