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Currently we provide 36,869 tactical chess problems ranging in difficulty from trivial to ambitious. Your tactical performance will be measured by the Glicko rating system wich takes into account both the difficulty of each problem and the time you take to solve it.

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 Guía de utilización en Español by GM ICCF Roberto Alvarez

This is a non-commercial service created and supported by chess enthusiasts from our chess club in Berlin, Germany. It is still under construction. Everyone is invited to participate in its development. Please don't use your skills to attack this server, but to detect and remove possible exploits.


Top 10 active tacticians
Gold Medalhustak20391 Norway 2337
Silver Medallarso1000 Norway 2301
Bronze MedalErlendm28685 Norway 2245
4fastkicker10679 France 2216
5Sergiochess66264 Russian Federation 2171
6morpy105705 Spain 2121
7byakuugan130930 United States 2094
8aryantari4465 Norway 2085
9Lazarillo192 United States 2056
10tzzzzz2329 Armenia 2036

33 actions this minute
TacticianCountryRatingProblemRatingTime [s]
strikesicilian Japan 1693p05187 16036.6
lavi100 United Nations 1702p09911 1798
arakira France 1713p57886 166737.4
iveri Georgia 1990p46827 17785.2
Patty43 Spain 1785p30517 171110.7
Urgenz Germany 1796p42508 13291.2
Jochen99 Germany 1292p53614 144727.8
lavi100 United Nations 1702p23037 15638.6
xenonse Germany 1327p21195 144412.0
JoaquinPerkins United States 1355p57664 16688.2
lucha United Nations 1337p17114 1475
sctt1 United Nations 1176p25874 11788.5
Urgenz Germany 1795p11085 14381.7
iveri Georgia 1988p00916 18645.2
Patty43 Spain 1780p53436 18183.2
dimava Belgium 1628p51777 1706
Henry2 United Kingdom 1400p44639 1499
lavi100 United Nations 1701p63540 18395.4
Urgenz Germany 1795p59778 14170.8
xenonse Germany 1324p33172 12763.3
strikesicilian Japan 1696p34458 1705
sctt1 United Nations 1174p29451 12315.0
Patty43 Spain 1779p56358 15754.6
redrat Germany 1619p10815 154016.8
Pumuckl Germany 1995p07035 2239
JoaquinPerkins United States 1352p12627 175413.1
lavi100 United Nations 1701p24820 16794.5
Jochen99 Germany 1291p16246 12024.8
Urgenz Germany 1794p21272 12801.4
Henry2 United Kingdom 1401p47368 12529.3
xenonse Germany 1323p06174 11774.6
Patty43 Spain 1776p20948 16373.6
Urgenz Germany 1794p17365 14201.7

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