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Currently we provide 36,869 tactical chess problems ranging in difficulty from trivial to ambitious. Your tactical performance will be measured by the Glicko rating system wich takes into account both the difficulty of each problem and the time you take to solve it.

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 Guía de utilización en Español by GM ICCF Roberto Alvarez

This is a non-commercial service created and supported by chess enthusiasts from our chess club in Berlin, Germany. It is still under construction. Everyone is invited to participate in its development. Please don't use your skills to attack this server, but to detect and remove possible exploits.


Top 10 active tacticians
Gold Medalhustak18086 Norway 2240
Silver Medalhmmm4874 Norway 2240
Bronze Medalfastkicker9362 France 2224
4Sergiochess64424 Russian Federation 2165
5Erlendm12212 Norway 2120
6larso101 Norway 2116
7byakuugan127413 United States 2106
8Soryu74249 Japan 2077
9pannkaka4583 Sweden 2070
10aryantari1254 Norway 2032

23 actions this minute
TacticianCountryRatingProblemRatingTime [s]
princebarry United Kingdom 1150p00896 1427
anotherfigment United States 1411p01164 163458.7
ArchdukeShrimp United Nations 1649p21419 16017.4
vandarringa United Nations 1373p28834 13919.4
SirSimonGreen United Nations 1303p31908 128312.2
globit2 United Nations 1455p23466 13809.2
byakuugan United States 2105p21377 20592.2
ArchdukeShrimp United Nations 1648p30997 15424.5
MetMetOne China 1168p39421 141515.4
jcg539 United States 1207p04257 140214.5
princebarry United Kingdom 1150p03783 120711.0
vandarringa United Nations 1372p13771 10952.3
flakefly United States 1255p57518 125722.4
globit2 United Nations 1454p27750 14224.5
SirSimonGreen United Nations 1302p21988 135010.5
G00FY United States 1301p51146 1721
ArchdukeShrimp United Nations 1648p57351 15073.5
vandarringa United Nations 1369p20172 13333.4
globit2 United Nations 1455p03845 138010.1
princebarry United Kingdom 1150p31279 135727.1
jcg539 United States 1207p54331 9635.9
vandarringa United Nations 1372p42891 129323.1
G00FY United States 1298p15275 16019.9

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