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Star Ratings
2009-05-05 13:23:07youngmorphy1629
2009-08-08 15:14:58MagicCat1695
2011-08-31 18:54:37grom431821
2011-09-28 06:03:11Garryback1679

2008-10-20 17:21:44JSorel1774strangely high-rated 
2009-02-04 14:38:10UriBlass20253.1 seconds 
2009-05-05 13:23:07youngmorphy1629very easy. 1.6 seconds 
2009-08-08 15:14:58MagicCat1695yes very easy for 1861 
2009-09-24 19:29:09UriBlass2025and now it is 1863.0 I used now 7.5 seconds but only because of the high rating when I could not believe it can be so easy and still earned rating points 
2010-09-03 15:06:57barz1628◄ Position ► 6k1/Q4pp1/8/2p5/2r1b3/2Nq4/PR1p1R2/3K4 b - - 0 1 
2011-02-04 09:56:10MagicCat1695Now it's 1860.7 ! I played 1.Qb8+ this time. I'm a patzer ! 
2011-08-31 18:54:37grom431821lol, was looking at all black's threats (at least two mates threatened) and when I couldn't stop them, checked the queen checks. What? Qxf7+, huh? I just laughed out loud, seriously. All that wasted energy trying to defend... 
2011-10-28 12:20:05SirRick1703agree with grom43, why I couldnt see Qxf7 first? Blind 
2015-11-08 01:41:51chessisajedrez1731Since 2008 has remained "strange". Even higher now. 
2017-08-13 00:53:19chessisajedrez1731LOL. The rating keeps going up... 

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Crafty 19.19 3GHZ 5sec

1. ... Rxc3
2. Qxf7+
({7:Mat04} 2. Qxf7+ Kh7 3. Qh5+ Kg8 4. Rb8+ Qd8 5. Rxd8# $18)
({7:-0.81} 2. Rb8+ Kh7 3. Rh8+ Kxh8 4. Rh2+ Qh3 5. Rxh3+ Rxh3 6. Qxf7 Rh1+ 7. Kxd2 g5 $17)