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Star Ratings
2007-03-15 02:59:01stbrie1186
2007-03-18 21:37:08sujabdul1603
2007-07-11 21:48:54hedgehoghead11028
2008-06-28 08:18:27rabea1695
2010-11-26 13:57:50Garryback1679

2006-12-07 22:49:50Arthurrocks1801why is this 1999? Not as hard as it's rating 
2007-01-06 15:00:26ibaric1428It took me some time because i was focused on the attack and not on queen capture. 
2007-03-15 02:59:01stbrie1186Nice way to give it away, ibaric. 
2007-03-18 21:38:05sujabdul1603everybody thinks abt moving forward only... but it seems something else 
2007-07-11 21:48:54hedgehoghead11028attacking is not everything 
2008-06-01 21:00:25blcnngn2315not difficult as 2013 
2009-09-22 20:32:41UriBlass1959I thought about Bf2+ and Bh2+ and saw nothing and it took me more than 2 minutes to find Rg6 so the problem beat me 1:0 and took all the rating points. I should know to stop fast when I see nothing and try to think about something else but unfortunately I often forget about this idea.  

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Crafty 19.19 3GHZ 5sec

1. Bf3 Rg6
({11:-4.94} 1. ... Rg6 2. Qxh4 Bxh4 3. Rf1 Rg7 4. Rh2 Qe7 5. Kg2 Qg5 6. Rh3 Kc7 $19)
({11:-1.83} 1. ... Rh7 2. Bg2 Rxg4 3. d5 Bh2+ 4. Kf1 Be5 5. Qf3 Rxc4 6. dxe6 Qe7 7. Qf5 $19)