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Star Rating2.8

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Star Ratings
2007-08-11 15:58:26tomohawk1818
2008-06-16 03:20:10notyetagm1467
2008-10-17 00:35:49UriBlass1962
2011-10-13 20:08:11chessisajedrez1743
2012-03-16 08:04:15Freeze1471
2014-11-15 03:43:57floreatdunum1701
2014-11-19 07:42:55Garryback1679
2015-03-13 21:33:13nune1552

2007-08-11 15:58:26tomohawk1818Should include ...Nf8 Qxc2 and Rxa8 
2008-06-16 03:20:10notyetagm1467@tomahawk: Agreed. This problem is the PINNING VERSION of the FORK-OVERLOAD TRICK. 
2008-10-17 00:35:49UriBlass1962Nf8 Qxc2 and Rxa8 costed me some time so I earned less rating points then people who did not calculate this line. 
2009-01-25 20:39:28UriBlass196212.2 seconds agree with tomohawk 
2009-01-29 13:41:28UriBlass196249.1 seconds 
2009-02-04 11:40:32UriBlass1962blundered by Qxc2 that I had from memory after seeing no logical alternative but did not remembner that I need to play Re8+ first. 
2010-11-11 15:16:00Garryback1679standard - but tomo is right (as always) 
2010-11-13 22:52:27barz1628◄ Position ► r1r3k1/1p3ppp/1bq3n1/p2p4/P2p4/1N1P2P1/1 PPBRP1P/R2Q2K1 b - - 0 1 
2011-10-13 20:08:11chessisajedrez1743I respect the statistical model used for rating these problems, but this one baffles me because its type belongs in the 1300-range problems. Actually, the 1600 rating may confuse someone into believing the solution is more complex and spend more time on it. I did it in 3.8 by guts instinct. See (UriBlass) comments. A very good player and much better than me ... (UriBlass) 3.8 secs! :-} 
2014-11-15 03:43:50floreatdunum1701Agree with tomohawk 

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Crafty 19.19 3GHZ 5sec

1. ... Qxc2
2. Re8+
({12:+3.87} 2. Re8+ Rxe8 3. Qxc2 Ne5 4. Rc1 h6 5. Kg2 Re6 6. Bf4 Rae8 7. Qd2 Nc6 8. h3 $18)
({11:-0.92} 2. Qxc2 Rxc2 3. Rb1 Kh8 4. Rbe1 h6 5. Re8+ Rxe8 6. Rxe8+ Kh7 7. Bxa5 Bxa5 8. Nxa5 Rxb2 9. Kg2 $17)