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2007-07-11 09:08:00plopje1678
2007-07-17 13:54:56epimedes1361
2008-05-04 18:11:56tralala1416
2008-07-11 17:33:15bullet1595
2008-11-18 02:45:36beydagh2020
2009-04-02 21:42:27rutger1069
2009-05-12 08:41:54misterp1500
2009-08-10 02:22:04Kenicht1300
2009-12-24 05:27:36deepankarmukh1420
2009-12-30 09:53:50DocB1237
2010-02-17 10:38:18Garryback1679
2011-03-09 18:27:11jaiganesh1305
2011-06-02 13:41:52Short1098
2011-11-24 22:14:17shetranj1916
2012-05-16 09:01:44crackvnut1122
2013-09-04 20:20:06Fkorosec1051
2015-02-12 12:56:15Mesdag1667

2007-07-11 09:08:00plopje1678it should have been easy but I just didn't see it 
2007-07-17 13:54:56epimedes1361A good test of visualisation 
2008-05-04 18:11:56tralala1416yeah, nice! 
2009-04-02 21:42:27rutger1069nice, but not to heavy 
2009-08-10 02:22:04Kenicht1300Wow. Took me long enough... I always do find this sort of Queen tactic to be the hardest for me to visualize. It seems to have something to do with her function being 45 degrees from the shape of the board. The key is to never let go of the simple reality that there are no forcing moves which will not include the defense of that rook, which cannot move. If the Rook is defended, then the Bishop is defended. The only piece which can defend the rook is the Queen. The Knight is hanging as well as the King. Fascinating, since this reveals the reversibility of tactics as ITSELF a tactical motif, just as unpinning is a subset of discovered attack, and that is a subset of double attack. This powerful hanging Knight is powerful only if White makes the wrong move, and there is only one right move to make. So the Knight puts pressure on White, strong pressure. But when White find the right move, the counter-pressure is proportional with interest, even though the stake is the loss of a Knight rather than various checkmates. There is a subtle equilibrium here. 
2009-08-10 02:23:43Kenicht1300I meant "as well as the Queen" as in both Black's Queen and Knight were hanging... Even so, it seems that White's Rook AND KING are both hanging also... 
2009-08-10 02:28:04Kenicht1300Some sort of funneled thinking process seems to be the key to tactical thinking then. One looks for the King in all events first. After the King, one looks to the Queen, Rooks, and all the various permutations of material value differences. One must then also evaluate positional features, but not so much in our tactical context here, in which the positional considerations have reached their head already. So in the purely forcing/material tactical motifs here the essence is to seek the correct funneling of one's thought. The "hanging King" is the main thing to defend for White, so she must defend the Rook. Only one move allows this (since the pin on the Queen is futile, as is capturing her). The only move is to reposition the Queen. I can't tell you how many useless thoughts I spent trying to defend that rook in some other impossible way before finally seeing the ONLY way. Ha!!! 
2009-12-24 05:27:36deepankarmukh1420It shows that almost every situation has some surprising tactical resource. It makes us humble. 
2009-12-30 09:51:04DocB1237roaraaar, you kurds will worship obama !!!!  
2009-12-30 09:53:50DocB1237worshop oblama 
2010-05-08 13:21:23theKnife17608/5pkp/3r2p1/4q3/4n2Q/8/2P2PPP/3BR1K1 b - - 0 1 
2011-02-21 12:35:32MagicCat16958.5 seconds 
2011-03-09 18:27:11jaiganesh1305poorrrrrrrrrrrrrr  
2011-06-02 13:41:52Short1098not nice but smart 
2011-11-24 22:14:17shetranj1916didn't see  
2012-03-02 23:00:06kristoferfer1275i am rated 1200, i couldn't figure it out at all, i had to see the solution 
2013-11-30 06:56:47Riwan691500I am sorry, but still my fist reflex will be to capture the queen with my rook =/ 

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Crafty 19.19 3GHZ 5sec

1. ... Ng3
2. Qb4
({11:+1.48} 2. Qb4 Ne4 3. Bf3 Rd4 4. Qa3 Qc5 5. Qxc5 Nxc5 6. Re7 Rd2 7. c4 Kf6 $16)
({11:-7.15} 2. hxg3 Qxe1+ 3. Kh2 Rxd1 4. g4 Rd2 5. g5 Qxf2 6. Qxf2 Rxf2 7. c3 $19)