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2007-04-02 22:20:24notyetagm1467
2008-04-07 07:54:54wolf2127681197
2008-08-22 17:30:37skully101248
2009-09-14 08:14:18SignoreX1314
2017-02-01 16:27:26simoncov1363
2017-08-03 02:20:2804191442
2017-11-25 13:55:14greatloser1417

2007-04-02 22:20:24notyetagm14672 RxBg7+! is a great example of the DESTRUCTION/DECOY principle applied to a bishop (Black g7-bishop) defending an opposing bishop's (White c5-bishop) TACTICAL BASE (d4-square, attacking Black c3-rook). 
2008-04-07 07:54:54wolf2127681197beautiful 
2008-08-22 17:30:37skully101248But what if the King doesn't take? If the King stops the bleeding with a move instead of trading down further... 
2017-02-01 16:27:18simoncov1363@skully10 2...Kh8 (the only move to avoid capturing) runs into 3.Bd4 (threatening 4.Rxg6 mate) 3...Rc4 4.Rxc7+ winning the rook on c8. 

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Crafty 19.19 3GHZ 5sec

1. ... Rc3
2. Rxg7+
({13:+5.11} 2. Rxg7+ Kxg7 3. Bd4+ Kh6 4. Bxc3 Rd8 5. Be5 Re8 6. Bxc7 Rc8 7. Be5 Rxc6 8. Rxd3 Rc1+ 9. Kg2 Rc2 $18)
({13:-0.22} 2. Be7 Rxc6 3. R1xd3 Rc1+ 4. Kg2 c5 5. Bg5 Re1 6. Rf3 Re2 7. Rff7 Bd4 8. Rxh7 Rxf2+ 9. Kh3 $10)