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Star Ratings
2005-12-22 16:39:16tralala1416
2006-06-10 03:21:14crptone1575
2006-06-10 04:12:18spacecowboy1394
2012-08-27 00:20:49SilverCrown1446

2005-12-22 16:39:16tralala1416too easy 
2006-06-10 03:19:37crptone1575With 1)..fxe6!! , black restores material balance only by completing an exchange of queens. Black will have a won king-pawn endgame by mobilizing his queenside majority to create an outside passed pawn 
2006-06-10 03:21:14crptone1575This problem was too difficult for me to comprehend... I was thinking more along the lines of 1)..Kf8 
2006-06-10 04:03:35spacecowboy1394Hey crptone, 1...Kf8 is not a legal move because the black king is already on f8 at the beginning of the problem. But I bet you have already managed to figure this out by now. 
2006-06-10 04:12:18spacecowboy1394Hey tralala: See and when you arrive at the web page, take a look at how rare it is for a problem to be rated as low as this problem is. What you have to remember is that there are tacticians who are rated in the 800s who are doing problems on this server. So this problem is not too easy to be part of the collection of problems on CTS. Now quit complaining & go tackle problems that are more of a challenge for your level of ability. 
2006-06-10 04:57:36AngryPirate1308this problem's rating is 812 it is supposed to be easy 
2007-06-07 22:33:04armeno1805Why not 1...Kg8!! 
2007-12-20 23:24:14mykingislonely1781Kg8 loses to Qh6! limiting the black king's squares. After f6 or f5 (an attempt to free the black king, which is worth about 4 points in an endgame)loses to Q(x)f6 limiting the king's squares to only g8 and maybe h7. then all white needs to do is play g4, g5, and g6(+), Qf7+ and Qh7# 
2012-03-23 01:25:34RahulKrishnan1244Easy 
2014-03-23 05:30:31PowerBone1242Kg8 loses to b4 silly 

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Crafty 19.19 3GHZ 5sec

1. Qxe6 fxe6
({16:-0.74} 1. ... fxe6 2. Kg3 a5 3. Kf4 b5 4. Ke4 a4 5. Kd3 axb3 6. Kc3 b2 7. Kxb2 Kf7 8. Kc3 Kf6 $17)
({10:+13.44} 1. ... Kg7 2. Qe5+ Kg8 3. b4 h5 4. Qb8+ Kg7 5. Qxb7 Kf8 6. Qxa6 Ke7 7. Qd3 $18)