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Star Ratings
2008-07-31 15:56:32nune1559
2008-08-27 03:12:44Cassette1383
2009-04-16 00:45:57estrass1623
2009-08-18 19:20:21sleiman1188
2010-01-25 15:01:41Pinsu1790
2010-04-02 14:53:16texas1392
2012-04-30 23:22:28mtal611558
2012-06-05 21:03:13lbtr74aao1404
2012-11-10 02:06:20MiamiHeat991422
2013-03-03 23:01:17flatman1454
2013-03-04 19:41:00chessisajedrez1743
2013-09-10 17:00:18Julori1238
2014-01-22 19:42:14poolbath11219

2008-07-31 15:56:32nune1559Another one with two winning solutions (one much quicker than the other admittedly) 
2008-08-27 03:12:44Cassette1383I don't see why connecting the queen to the rook isn't more efficient. 
2009-04-16 00:45:57estrass1623several other winning solutions... 
2009-08-11 12:05:18MaltaCross1278To Cassette: Connecting the rook to the queen allows an escape route. Consider Crafty's second line beginning with 2.Rh1. 
2010-01-25 15:01:41Pinsu1790I think 2.Rh1 also wins. 
2010-04-02 14:53:16texas1392Very difficult to not pick Rh1 
2011-01-03 03:26:30GiantGuido1522Very underrated 1376 problem 
2012-04-30 23:22:28mtal611558Rh1 wins too but it's not as clinical as a mate in 2 starting with g6.With Rh1 black can be awkward with 2)...Rf1+,3)Rxf1 Qxg5 to be a piece for a pawn down and fight on a bit more although he's severely still on the backfoot.I got it wrong 
2013-01-31 11:08:33MaltaCross1278Shows that an advanced pawn can be just as effective to catapult White's Queen into the back rank, in as much as a connected Rook. 
2013-03-03 23:01:11flatman1454There are plenty of solutions on CTS where white wins with +2. Crafty evaluates 2. Rh1 as +3.73, so it's utterly winning. This problem obviously has 2 solutions, so please join me in voting it down. Thank you. 
2013-03-04 19:40:53chessisajedrez1743@flatman - the problem is within CTS guidelines (2nd best is 4.0+ ?!). After Rh1, only way to stop mate leads to a R+Q+B vs R+Q, and a easily won endgame. So, I agree with you but CTS would have to change guidelines if removed. 
2014-01-22 19:42:08poolbath11219Tricky. At first I didn't like it, but it's a good problem. 
2014-02-13 11:23:29joakimvitriol1731Damiano Pawn. 
2015-10-12 22:54:04MaltaCross1278@ mtal61: Strictly speaking it is a mate in 5 ! ;-) 
2017-09-11 15:58:41Bisonratte1501@ joakimvitriol nails it. theme: constriction 

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Crafty 19.19 3GHZ 5sec

1. ... Kg8
2. g6
({7:Mat04} 2. g6 Qh4 3. Qxh4 Rfe7 4. Qh7+ Kf8 5. Qh8# $18)
({7:+3.73} 2. Rh1 Rf1+ 3. Rxf1 Qxg5 4. Ka1 Qg6 5. Qg3 Qc2 $18)