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Star Ratings
2010-08-20 10:35:26JoshBrack1627
2011-03-24 20:20:24Garryback1679
2012-01-20 20:43:35grom431839
2012-06-30 00:39:4310101650
2014-04-03 10:14:39Bisonratte1501
2015-05-04 17:40:36nune1553

2009-01-30 23:24:50UriBlass1962failed BxB is not good because of Nxe7+ and need QxQ first. 
2010-05-12 12:15:06barz1628r4rk1/4ppbp/b2p2p1/1BqNP3/P1pn4/4BP1P/R5 P1/3QK2R w K - 0 1 
2010-08-20 10:35:26JoshBrack1627failed. i played bxe5 first but i think that fails to Qd1 and black loses their queen! not nxe7+? :0 oooOOOhhhHHHhhh! 
2012-01-20 20:43:35grom431839Agree that Nxe7+ hasn't got much to do with why QxQ is necessary first. Looks like Josh got it: we exchange queens first and then there is no possibility of a discovered threat to the black queen when the white queen moves.  
2012-04-30 22:46:55barz1628Bxb5 is refuted by Qe4, not Nxe7+. 
2014-04-03 10:14:30Bisonratte1501due to the danger for the black queen, its a good idea to exchange and then exploid the pin. 
2015-05-04 17:40:32nune1553Couldn't see why I need to take the queen first, but did anyway since it seemed safer! @barz and @Bisonratte point out why (the queen gets trapped by Qe4). 
2016-02-23 20:08:32Bisonratte1501may be this helps for the next time: exchange as much as possible, if ahead in material (2) 
2017-11-13 22:06:01grom431839@nune, good call. The queen trap after ...BxB 2.Qe4! Qc8 3.Nxe7+ shows why you must exchange first. 

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Crafty 19.19 3GHZ 5sec

1. Qxd4 Qxd4
({10:-0.94} 1. ... Qxd4 2. Bxd4 Bxb5 3. a5 dxe5 4. Bb6 c3 5. Rc2 Rfe8 6. Nc7 Bd3 7. Rxc3 $17)
({10:+3.48} 1. ... e6 2. Qxc5 dxc5 3. Ne7+ Kh8 4. Bc6 Rad8 5. f4 f6 6. O-O fxe5 7. fxe5 Rxf1+ 8. Kxf1 c3+ 9. Kg1 Bxe5 10. Bxc5 $18)
2. Bxd4 Bxb5
({10:-0.96} 2. ... Bxb5 3. a5 dxe5 4. Nxe7+ Kh8 5. Bc3 Ra7 6. Rb2 Ba4 7. Nd5 Rd8 8. Ra2 $17)
({10:+2.86} 2. ... dxe5 3. Bxa6 Rxa6 4. Bc3 Rfa8 5. a5 R8a7 6. Ne3 Rc7 7. O-O e6 $18)