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2012-11-09 19:44:26lbtr74aao1311
2012-12-28 01:33:3410101662
2013-05-31 15:21:06nune1570
2014-01-17 15:03:22Elroch1466
2017-03-16 12:42:27simoncov1363

2013-05-31 15:21:02nune1570Interesting drawing idea: after black's pawns are taken, the king can just alternate between a8 and b7, and if white's king cuts off b7 it's stalemate. Kind of like the wrong-colour bishop draw. 
2014-01-17 15:03:19Elroch1466But what else is plausible? 
2017-03-16 12:39:49simoncov1363Interestingly after 1.a6 Kc6 it is a technical draw even without blacks extra pawns because the black king can then head for a8 and can't be forced out due to stalemate. 
2017-03-16 12:41:23simoncov1363For the record, in the original position white should play 1.Kxf4 winning because the white knight can defend the a pawn while the king gobbles black's last pawn and comes to help promote in his own time. 

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