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2012-01-06 10:15:3810101662
2013-09-03 20:46:00nune1565
2015-10-08 04:44:33Garryback1679

2008-04-22 02:59:16shams1474should really get credit for the immediate 2.Ne8+ also.  
2009-01-09 01:13:52pjj141728To shams: Yes, 2. Rxe8+ would deserve credit, if it were legal :-). 
2009-07-26 19:56:44joakimvitriol1667exposed KK 
2009-09-14 16:41:27chessyeti1756I played 2.Re8, forgetting that the rook was pinned, and so lost elo rating points :-( 
2009-09-14 16:42:18chessyeti1756to Joakimvitriol: its not exposed King, its Back Rank Mate! 
2009-10-29 08:44:13UriBlass2002I touc the rook and noticed in the last second that the rook is pinned. found the right move but too late because with 8 seconds I lost rating points. 
2010-08-17 10:29:35barz1628◄ Position ► r5k1/pb4p1/np3pBp/2q5/5P2/1Q2R1P1/P6P/4R 1K1 b - - 0 1 
2012-01-06 10:15:3810101662Missed the pin. 
2013-10-18 22:18:33grom431861I was thinking he gets out of check ...Kh8 and I could play Qc3 or something to unpin my R when all of a sudden he threw his B to d5. You need luck sometimes. 
2017-10-08 03:16:53legendironman1545I did not see the pin :( 

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Crafty 19.19 3GHZ 5sec

1. ... Bd5
2. Qxd5+
({7:Mat04} 2. Qxd5+ Kh8 3. Qxa8+ Nb8 4. Qxb8+ Qc8 5. Qxc8# $18)
({7:+1.93} 2. Qc2 Rf8 3. Qxc5 Nxc5 4. Re8 Nd7 5. R8e7 Rd8 $18)