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2012-10-06 07:31:42Garryback1679
2013-12-16 16:37:13grom431821
2013-12-16 19:17:31chessisajedrez1731
2014-12-30 15:59:23Bisonratte1501
2016-11-18 12:49:29greatloser1412

2013-12-16 13:40:32SteelyGlint1571Don't really get this one. I can't see a mate or a perp after 1...Nf4+ 2 Kf1, so maybe Black is simply trying to hoover up White's Ps. 
2013-12-16 15:46:02Bisonratte1501@ SteelyGlint, its a really hard one under time pressure. after the double check, black captures the bishop (with check) and then the pawn on h5. black has then always threats against the king, so white must give perpetual. 
2013-12-16 16:43:34grom431821@SteelyGlint. At first I thought the white Q was on d8 (not e8) and you missed a mate. But no, 2.Kf1 Qg2+ 3.Ke1 Nd3+ 4.Kd1 Nb2+ fails because Bd4. 
2013-12-16 19:17:29chessisajedrez1731@@SteelyGlint. - Under time pressure it challenges you to verify there is no mate in the position, thus the capture. 
2014-12-30 15:59:09Bisonratte1501still not easy to see that black needs to capture one of the pawns to hold the game. (2) 

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