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2012-11-23 08:54:11jbuss1416
2016-06-24 17:05:16nune1553
2017-10-21 20:01:0510101650

2014-02-09 10:32:01DangerAl1182What is this achieving, other than winning a pawn? Black still has a material advantage and I can't see any mating threats. 
2014-02-09 17:48:41chessisajedrez1743@DangerAl - white is down a N. After Qxe5+, Kh6? & Ke7? lead to mate. After ...Nf6, Qe7+ white takes the N & is in good shape. Problem should be longer although Crafty's is below. 
2017-11-09 14:12:04mnostrant1420black is down a knight how is this any kind of a win? 

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Crafty 19.19 3GHZ 5sec

1. ... Qxb6
2. Qxe5+
({11:+0.89} 2. Qxe5+ Nf6 3. Qe7+ Kh6 4. Rxf6 Qb1 5. Rf2 Qd3 6. g4 hxg4 7. Qh4+ Kg7 8. Qf6+ Kh6 9. Qf4+ g5 10. Qf6+ Kh7 $16)
({11:-4.14} 2. g4 Qe6 3. gxh5 Rxa4 4. Rc2 Ne7 5. h4 Ra3 6. hxg6 Qh3+ 7. Kf2 Rf3+ 8. Ke2 Nxg6 $19)