Time Regime

In case of an unsolved problem the result of the user vs. problem 'match' will be 0:1. If a problem is solved, the result is depending on the elapsed time. The first 3 seconds are for free and the result will be 1:0. After 3 seconds the result is linearly decreasing with 1/2:1/2 at 10 seconds. After 10 seconds the decrease of the result is exponential. Now the user gets 1 second per 20 points rating difference to solve the problem without loss of rating points.

The current time regime is the result of a series of adjustments in the past. It provides the only option to balance the ratings of tacticians vs. problems. Both ratings are roughly normal distributed around the initial value of 1500. Due to the fact, that the problems are invariant to time control, their rating will decrease systematically if the time regime is relaxed. The ratings of tacticians will increase vice versa. So it will also be hard to find appropriate initial values. The only way to relax the time control while keeping the rating balanced is add harder problems or acquire weaker tacticians ;) Beside this, there are some major technical difficulties to prevent the ratings from beeing contaminated by cheating, if the available time rises. We meditate on this issue and await your ideas.